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Welcome to LeChantilly's Compendium:My obsessions from A to Z

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    Plays: 19

    A is for All The Young Dudes

    Boogaloo Dudes  Carry the News

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    Plays: 40

    T is for The Lady Loves Me…but she doesn’t know it yet

    Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret “viva Las Vegas”

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    Plays: 99

    C is for Click Click  (Bang Bang)… And you’re never gonna be the same

    Never enough of Miss Derringer

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    Plays: 10

    Y is You’re so Vain…I bet you think this song is about.

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    Plays: 1,859

    T is for The legend of Miss Baltimore Crabs

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    Plays: 40

    B is for Buried in Water (Buzzing Fly Version)

    Check this adorable version of Buried in Water by Dead Man’s Bones that you can find in their website…

    Buried in Water Buzzing Fly Version

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    Plays: 60

    S is for Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny

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    Plays: 20

    A is for Apache

    By The Shadows

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    Plays: 0

    H is for He’s a Tramp by Peggy Lee

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    Plays: 0

    D is for Dream at Dusk

    by The Surfaris

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    Plays: 10

    P is for Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

    by Cake

    Notes: 2 notes

    Tags: mp3 cool songs cake

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    Plays: 0

    S is for Someone to Watch Over Me

    Manhattan (original motion picture soundtrack), New York Philharmonic & Zubin Mehta

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    Plays: 20

    T is for The Imperial March Rock (1:19)

    From Guitar Mag CD

  14. Audio post

    Plays: 20

    M is for More Than You Know by Billie Holiday

    Yeah I know I’m Obnoxiously romantic

  15. Audio post

    Plays: 40

    W is for When you’re Smiling/When You’re Drinking (w/ Louis Armstrong & Dean Martin)

    Spot the Differences:Same melody, different lyrics…

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